Instantly Track And
Apply Global Trade

Untangle the 'spaghetti bowl'
of trade regulation with Besso

Scientist untangling the spaghetti bowl of trade regulation using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

No Guesswork, No Bad Surprises, No Admin Nightmare

Let our AI optimize preferential tariffs, comply with rules of origin, and navigate non-tariff requirements
Real-time insights across all your global value chains
Get ahead of new sustainability requirements

Powered by research and Expertise from world-leading institutions

Unlock Your Trade Potential

Automate compliance for peace of mind, discover strategic savings, and embrace sustainable trading.
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Timely and informed decisions thanks to filtered, real-time alerts
Keep the overview and optimize value chains with data-driven insights

360° Value chain intelligence, zero Hassle

Seamlessly integrate with your ERP. Spot opportunities for savings and growth in complex compliance data.

Realize savings through automated controls
Gain flexibility with a solution that adjusts to your needs

Screen All Trade With Ease And Confidence

Unrivalled coverage, cutting-edge precision, full transparency. Decision-making without second-guessing.

AI-driven adherence to ESG standards, like the EU CSR Directive
Foster supplier diversity by transforming compliance into a variable cost

The Future Of Trade Compliance

Besso covers all global trade regulations, notably the emerging sustainability mandates.

Simplify Your Trade Compliance

Embrace effortless compliance, unlock savings, and advance your sustainability agenda.
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Why Traditional Approaches Fall Short


Cause inefficiencies, errors, and delays

Incomplete Data Sources

Lead to compliance gaps and penalties


Aren't tailored to understand trade law


Perpetuates complexity rather than solving it

Global Trends Intensify Challenges

Protect Your Value Chains And Your Budget

Gain deep insights, eliminate admin hassles, boost agility, and zero in on what truly matters: your core business.
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Frequently Asked

Who is behind Besso?

Besso is a Swiss company founded by a team of repeat entrepreneurs, trade compliance industry veterans, trade lawyers, and machine learning experts.

It builds on the foundations of rigorous research conducted at world-leading academic institutions like the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (IHEID CTEI), the World Trade Institute (WTI), the EPFL technical university, and the IMD Business School. We are continually expanding our team to bring more expertise to our customers.

Which trade compliance services does Besso provide?

Besso specializes in navigating the complexities of global preferential tariffs and rules of origin. With our advanced AI technology, we screen all the Free Trade Agreements and applicable tariff rates globally. You can apply those insights directly to your supply chains, by comparing them with the data from your ERP system via our platform. This enables you to identify every available tariff preference, so you can capitalize on opportunities, monitor compliance with rules of origin in real time, and optimize your supply chains.

With Besso, businesses can screen their value chains for compliance, optimize operations within the given regulatory constraints, and produce detailed compliance reports. We also offer training and support to our clients, to ensure they can maximize the use of our platform.

How does Besso integrate with other software? Is data security and privacy guaranteed?

Besso provides seamless integration with most existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including industry leaders like SAP and Oracle, via standard API interfaces. For other systems, we provide adaptable solutions tailored to your needs.

We put a premium on data security and privacy. Besso’s services comply fully with stringent standards, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This guarantees the highest level of protection for your business data.

Which industries do you serve?

At Besso, we initially focus on the Food & Beverage industry, crafting solutions that align with its specific compliance needs. Our platform, however, is versatile and engineered to adapt to various sectors.

We're continuously expanding its functionalities to serve a broad range of industries. Regardless of the complexity or the size of your business, Besso is committed to providing a scalable solution that offers value for money, making comprehensive trade compliance achievable and affordable.

How does Besso's AI technology work?

Besso uses advanced AI technology to remain current with changes in international trade regulations.

Our AI system identifies all relevant sources of trade regulations globally, extracts necessary information to feed into our global database, and applies that data to address the specific use cases of our clients. Importantly, our AI doesn’t just give answers, but it also explains its reasoning process to users, providing relevant sources for its conclusions.

Ready to Optimize Your Global Trade?

With Besso, you're not just adapting to global trade complexities; you're mastering them. Discover how to make this your strategic advantage.
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