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Just to make this crystal clear: You're hanging out with Besso Ltd. (or Besso AG / Besso SA, if you prefer a more continental flair). We're as Swiss as a chocolate-covered mountain (and as reliable as a Swiss watch). Registered where, you ask? Look for us lounging around at Haspelgasse 26, 3006 Bern. You'll probably need these too (yeah, sorry, the boring stuff):

Contact Information

Got something to say? Questions about the meaning of life or maybe just our product? Drop us a line at If you've got a burning issue or if our product decided to play hide and seek, our customer support team is ready to come to the rescue at And if you're old school and prefer a nice chat on the phone, dial +41765853122. We promise we won't put you on hold with cheesy elevator music.

Legal Representative

Meet Philip Sieber-Gasser, Director and CEO, and part-time Swiss mountain enthusiast. In the fleeting moments when he isn't showing off his ski moves or confusing his kids with dad jokes, he's leading Besso. His strategy? Maintain a cool head, unless faced with acronyms only teenagers understand. Then all bets are off. But hey, we're not here to gossip.

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Don't get any funny ideas; we love sharing, but not when it comes to our stuff. All the fancy text, snazzy graphics, and our super cool logo are ours, all ours (and our licensors', but let's not split hairs). They may not be used without us nodding and saying, "Yeah, sure, go ahead."


We're all about precision here at Besso Ltd. - just like a Swiss watch, things around here typically run smoothly and accurately. But, like even the finest cheese, we might have a few holes. If you spot a quirk, some outdated information or a fun fact that seems too fun to be factual, remember: we're human and we're constantly improving. Got a tip or suggestion for improvement? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Privacy Policy

Last but definitely not least, your privacy. We take it seriously. Like, "keep-your-secrets-locked-in-a-Swiss-bank-vault" seriously. Head over to our Privacy Policy for the nitty-gritty on how we handle your data.

And now for some Besso fun facts!

Did you know that Besso is a mountain in Switzerland? And just like a mountain, we aim to be solid, unshakeable, and have a terrific view of the business landscape.

Our name also shares its glory with Michele Besso, Einstein's closest pal and confidant. If you will be our Einstein, we’ll be your "Besso", laying out the relevant facts for you so you can shine, and maybe even cracking a physics joke or two along the way.

"Besso" is also a traditional Ethiopian dish made from barley. We like the symbolism here - a simple ingredient, barley, transformed into something nourishing and wholesome. It reflects our goal to bring elements together harmoniously, creating a tool that helps make global trade more inclusive and fair. It's a nod to our initial focus on the Food & Beverage industry, too. From grain to greatness, that's what we're all about!

And to put the cherry on top, in the Swiss canton of Thurgovia, the word "better" is pronounced as "Besso". So, you could say, we're all about making the world a "Besso place".

Phew! If you've made it this far, congratulations! You're officially a Besso explorer. Now, let's get back to business, shall we?